July 22, 2020 Atlanta, Georgia

With the "new normal" of social distancing practices, it is not surprising that large scale
events have been cancelled. Tulix has accustomed to adapt and embrace the
challenges and offers event streaming for any event, performance, gathering, etc.
Tulix strives to allow talented individuals or businesses to continue showcasing
their content!

Regardless of your event or organization, this opportunity is for individuals and
businesses considering a virtual approach in 2020 or beyond! We are aware of the
challenges many industries are facing due to COVID 19, and we want to help

Tulix has proudly hosted a dozen virtual events due to the mass cancellations from
COVID 19 and are excited to host many, many more.

Simplifying complete event workflow, Tulix offers simple steps to start:
  • Graphic/ poster for your event
  • Date and time of event
  • Description of event
  • Price of event
Greg Ellis, Co-Writer and Director of "Juneteenth The Play", commented, "My
streaming event was very successful with Tulix. Although I don’t have any IT
background, they were able to facilitate everything with ease and convenience for
me. Tulix was very accommodating with any questions from me or any of the
viewing audience. I will definitely continue streaming events with Tulix."

Audiences can watch the event stream via website and through published
applications such as Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.
The event streaming is a fully managed service ; storage, streaming, CDN, and
billing is not an issue.

Nino Doijashvili, Co-Founder of Tulix, commented, "In this challenging and different
time, we are trying to support as many industries as we can. It is sad to see many
in-person events getting cancelled. We are trying to create new traditions to the
'new normal' and keep everybody happy by making the best out of the given